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Retire in the sun, in Mallorca

Posted by Alex on January 18, 2022

Your perfect place in the sun. You’ve finally made it to retirement and now is the time to decide what to do with your work-free life. We have the answer, retire in Mallorca.

It may be more well-known as a holiday option, but Mallorca has a large year-round population, including a growing number of retirees. The property market is more stable than mainline Spain, meaning it’s a great investment opportunity, plus there’s many private hospitals at hand.

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca has it all from the climate, beautiful mountains and beaches to pretty mountain villages and stunning harbours. There’s a huge range of properties and choice for retirees and life is pretty good to settle down here.

Here are Mallorca Agency’s reasons on why Mallorca is the perfect place to retire.

Sea views or stunning countryside:

Whether you’re wanting stunning blue sea views or masses of green countryside, Mallorca has you covered. If you prefer sea views, Southwest Mallorca holds many desirable properties to choose from.

If you head or a day out inland you will see why many people describe the countryside in Mallorca as the ‘real Mallorca,’ it’s a great place to explore the beautiful countryside, its villages, and market towns.

Great weather:

Another reason people choose to live in Mallorca is the amazing climate. Overall, the weather is reliable and beautiful, particularly in the summer months there is so much to take advantage of with the immaculate weather, such as remarkable golf courses.

Great for social activity:

The prospect of a more relaxing lifestyle is exactly needed when retiring. But Mallorca has the perfect mix of activity to get you out socializing with its all-year round activeness and buzz. Whether it be great golf courses, shopping in the fabulous boutiques or trying out gorgeous local and international cuisine, there’s a plethora of social fun to enjoy your retirement in.

Beautiful beaches:

With more than 200 beaches around Mallorca’s coastline, you have access to beaches that are clean and beautiful. Coupling so many to choose from and over 300 days of Summer to work with, it’s no wonder Retirees love it here. The Southwest region of the island is home to some of Mallorca’s best beaches too!

For Expats Spain is extremely popular, what’s not to love? Sun, stunning settings, and true island paradise. It’s close enough in travel for the Grandkids to come and stay for a holiday, or to head back home and visit family in Europe.

Spend the rest of your work-free years in the sun.

Check out our properties here or get in touch to see how we can help you retire!

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